New Covid-19 Guidelines and Click here for Waiver (to be signed by each patient)

1. At this point, it remains your option to do telehealth or face-to-face, but please call back to verify which you prefer prior to your appointment.

2. If you choose face-to-face, please arrive on time.

3. The front door will be locked, and the sign will still read “closed”, as not every provider in the building is conducting face-to-face sessions.

4. Your therapist will come out to get you in the parking lot.

5. We will be walking to the SIDE DOOR on the north side of the building, as the reception area is still closed.

6. Given that the reception desk will be closed, while in session, your therapist will schedule your next appointment OR you can call back and schedule over the phone.

7. Payment will be taken over the phone prior to or following your session. Please be sure to call in and take care of this.

8. As a result of the need to make time in between sessions for sanitation and moving clients back and forth, sessions will be a strict 45-50 minutes.

9. Restrooms are not available during this time.




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